Quadcolour Theme DEMO

Learn about the Quadcolour theme

Menu and page management

Page structure is dictated by the pages listed in a menu.

This is managed in the sites Admin page by Clicking on “Standard” then “Menu Management”.
All current pages are shown in the list (click on the triangles in the tree view to expand).
Select a menu item to view and edit its properties.

  • Top Menu – is the primary navigation, usually horizontal at the top of the page
  • Left Menu – is the secondary navigation usually vertical and on the left (or sometimes right) side of the page.
  • Home - this sets the home page of the website and should not be changed.

To create a new page, we must create a new menu item for that page in order for us to be able to navigate to it.
1. Click on the menu where you want the page to appear
2. Click on the new page button and give the page/menu item a name.
3. Drag it to the correct position in the menu
Note: Sub-menu items are allowed. To do this, select the menu item where you want a sub-page, then click the new page button.